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About me ^^

Today, i’m talking about me, because someone have a question about me ^^.
I’m a engineering electrical, not hacker, not IT ^^.
My group has developed code PROXY SERVER for BYPASS idevice lost password icloud, base code has share on internet.
I have some VPS linux, and i thinking: Oh, i’ll share for all.
So i create site hackicloud.com for share server bypass.
I have a main work, so i don’t reply ^^.
I’ll try to reply for everyone in future.
Thank all!
Ps: I have placed ads on the site, hope you understanding
Ps2: If you see some proxy server in vietnam, it’s my friends ^^. In my group ^^

7 Comments on "About me ^^"

  1. dilshod says:

    you kan bypass icloud bro?? ansver me

  2. Edon says:

    I appreciate your work and this website is very helpful for me. I have a question for you :
    Why your Proxy Server works just about 2 or 3 days after releasing and they stop working,so then I have to wait about 1 week to check for new Proxy Server, does this happen to everyone or its a unique problem ?

  3. Smile More says:

    Hey…My device say’s that it is linked to an apple id…how can i bypass that….

  4. hanz says:

    hi! what should i do next after the (icloud bypass done) appeared?

  5. Nas says:

    I was wonderin if you could give exact steps for the bypass once you are connected to server.

  6. ZerYorS says:

    Nice work but iTunes said insert a SIMcard and when i insert, detect de iCloud Account :__( any idea?

  7. suns says:

    ty for your proxy, but today it’s down…are you working on?

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