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VPS has shutdown.

This time is my holiday – TET – lunar new year in VIETNAM. So i drink many many of beer @@.

I foget to renew VPS, and VPS has shutdown.

THe proxy server bypass icloud will be back soon.


Update 02/12/2015

Update 02/12/2015 proxy server bypass icloud


Proxy sv3.hackicloud.com port 2015 port 2015

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wedding anniversary romatic


Proxy bypass icloud comback now!!!

Proxy sv2.hackicloud.com port 8888

Waitting for new server 1,2 next day.

New server bypass Icloud

Update 20/11/2014

sv3.hackicloud.com port 9999 Online

sv2.hackicloud.com port 9999 ONLINE


sv1.hackicloud.com port 5555 Offline