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New Server proxy for Bypass Icloud – Setup by Raspberry Pi

I have a Raspbeery pi type B+, and i was setup a webserver.



And i has been created a Proxy server for bypass Icloud now. port 8888

language US or VN

5 Comments on "New Server proxy for Bypass Icloud – Setup by Raspberry Pi"

  1. Herman says:

    Is this a full bypass, if so, what are the full steps to follow?
    I have entered the proxy and port, on the activation login page, I selected “activation help” link..there I can open other webpages.

  2. ck-1998 says:

    Great,but when clicking the kaboom iphone came back on hello screen ,it doesn’t work. Iphone 5s 8.1.3

  3. dennis says:

    I have try it but it dont work!

  4. iran says:

    Hi, i want to know when you activate the server to unlock my iphone? i´ve tried port 8888, but don´t work, it says me: “imposible activar iphone…” Can you help me?

  5. Erick says:

    Hi i tried adding your server on my Ipad but the connection timed out, than i put your IP address with he hos name on my HOSTS file in windows and iTunes doesn’t attempt to connect to it. Am i doing something wrong? i diddnt enter the IP address you posted on the iPad settings cause i diddnt know where to put it. Please let-me know asap, please and thank you

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