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Reboot VPS – restart proxy server

My VPS has been overload. So im restart now.

Proxy sv3.hackicloud.com port 8888 port 8888

Proxy server status

About me ^^

Today, i’m talking about me, because someone have a question about me ^^.
I’m a engineering electrical, not hacker, not IT ^^.
My group has developed code PROXY SERVER for BYPASS idevice lost password icloud, base code has share on internet.
I have some VPS linux, and i thinking: Oh, i’ll share for all.
So i create site hackicloud.com for share server bypass.
I have a main work, so i don’t reply ^^.
I’ll try to reply for everyone in future.
Thank all!
Ps: I have placed ads on the site, hope you understanding
Ps2: If you see some proxy server in vietnam, it’s my friends ^^. In my group ^^

Reopen Proxy Server bypass Icloud all devices

Restart VPS

Chose US or VIETNAM language!

Proxy : sv3.hackicloud.com port 8888

or port 8888


Update proxy server bypass ICLOUD

sv3.hackicloud.com port 8888

Chose US or VIETNAM language!

Update Proxy server bypass icloud 14/01/2015

Proxy Online now!

Note: pls change language to US or VN

sv3.hackicloud.com port 9999

Because some one search proxy for fake ip, so i was change port now.



Screen about Proxy server bypass Icloud

Some one reply : Your server is fake. LOLLLLL =))

My server running 24/7. VPS location in US.

If you want to see , click link  http://sv3.hackicloud.com



Update Proxy bypass Icloud 2015

Server : sv3.hackicloud.com

port :2015

Happy new year !!! ^^

Update 25/12 Server Proxy Bypass ICloud Iphone

PROXY sv3.hackicloud.com port 8888
sv1.hackicloud.com port 2309

Tools hack icloud IOS for Iphone 4 [Update password]




Merry Xmas!!!!

Tools for hack icloud for iphone 4.

Video how to.

And Link download.



Very very sorry. password : hackicloud.com