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Reopen Proxy Server bypass Icloud all devices

Restart VPS

Chose US or VIETNAM language!

Proxy : sv3.hackicloud.com port 8888

or port 8888


22 Comments on "Reopen Proxy Server bypass Icloud all devices"

  1. sK 0rL says:

    I can see homescreen wallpaper for second a after locked again ios i

  2. losh says:

    What VPS is this running on??

  3. Davide says:

    I’ve used xmapp and ccproxy but it doesn’t work…
    I click on kabooooom, but after respring, i return to home page…

  4. Joseph says:

    So I tried this and all it popped up was the little screen with YouTube and facebook, I didn’t get to go to my home, help please????

  5. atef says:

    It’s only for lost mode don’t working for me

  6. matorix says:

    My iPod 5,1 32gb keeps coming back to the Hello screen after I press on Kaboooom! Does this work on iOS 8.1.2?

  7. jimelyo says:

    Thes proxy dosn’t work this
    I think this is a lies.

  8. ciosi says:

    when i click kabooob iphone restard and again .. (iphone 4s 8.1.1)

  9. dennis huang says:

    what is the point to keep you updating this vps? the DNS server is doing samething as yours.

  10. OU kashy says:

    Everything is so good but I can not complete it at the last step; activation still required.

  11. kevin says:

    i try this method but when i hit kaboom i pad mini wifi restart :/
    for the meantime i your apps that have been in this bypass
    cant wait for the next updated thanks a lot

  12. realdeal says:

    Nice hope it work

  13. nicolas says:

    i entered the proxy it gave again the activation iphone page

  14. Przemq says:

    Hi, when I click kabooom then back to begining (choose language and region). Please help

  15. smiles says:

    Is it possible to bypass icloud? I need to understand d fact

  16. jack says:

    Bro when u update server?can u email me when u update server.

  17. jamie says:

    works awesome thanks again. just getting to the home screen wont work it just reboots, but still its awesome as I can sorta use this thing so thanks for your hard work…just saying

  18. nedfly says:

    hey Guy’s why the hell none of you answer ??
    we have some problems , if you put this site for hacking icloud , should take the time to answer why by the most of us …if not all , it doesn’t work .
    i thought you was lil different from the doulci shitteam ..
    ty so much

  19. mental says:

    Pleasseee fix the kabooom…… I WILL DONATE awesome bypass but we need the full unlock.

  20. jorge says:

    Quiero hacer un server proxi , pero necesio informacion de codigo fuente de bypass server, hice la coneccion con mi iphone , pero esta codificado al pedir informacion al apple.com, como puedo hacer la pagina de inicio como usted lo hizo.
    Atte gracias

  21. jorge says:

    esta es una parte del codigo en vb

    Private Sub socket_Connect(Index As Integer)
    Dim strinfo As String

    txtInfo = “Conectado: ” & socket(Index).RemoteHost & vbNewLine & ” Numindex” & Index & vbNewLine & txtInfo

    lblHostConectado = socket(Index).RemoteHost

    If mblnUrlGo Then
    ‘wskHTTP.SendData HTTP(HTTP_Page, HTTP_Server)
    strinfo = HTTP_Iphone(HTTP_Page, HTTP_Server)
    socket(mNumIndex).SendData strinfo
    txtInfo = “Archivo enviado:” & strinfo & vbNewLine & txtInfo
    End If

    End Sub

    Private Sub socket_ConnectionRequest(Index As Integer, ByVal requestID As Long)
    Outp socket(Index).RemoteHost & socket(Index).RemoteHostIP & ” now connected”, 9
    socket(Index).accept requestID

    Load socket(Index + 1)
    socket(Index + 1).bind Serverport
    socket(Index + 1).listen
    mNumIndex = Index + 1
    ‘txtInfo = “Pedido de Conexion: ” & socket(Index).RemoteHost & socket(Index).RemoteHostIP & ” now connected” & vbNewLine & txtInfo
    Me.Caption = “Pedido de Conexion: ” & socket(Index).RemoteHost & socket(Index).RemoteHostIP & ” now connected”

    End Sub

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