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Screen about Proxy server bypass Icloud

Some one reply : Your server is fake. LOLLLLL =))

My server running 24/7. VPS location in US.

If you want to see , click link  http://sv3.hackicloud.com



52 Comments on "Screen about Proxy server bypass Icloud"

  1. Nguyen Hieu says:

    Help me !
    How to use?

  2. Revo Admin says:

    click start over than press more wifi.settings
    click on the (!) icon
    scroll down
    go on HTTP PROXY [Menual] paste

    SERVER: sv3.hackicloud.com
    PORT: 2015

  3. romeo says:

    hi I tried multiple proxy but when the screen is aficher it restarts
    iphone 4s ios 7.1.2 iphone 4s ios 8.1.1 help my

  4. romeo says:

    hi I tried multiple proxy but when the screen should display the phone to reboot a small very fast and nothing help my
    iphone 4s ios 7.1.2 iphone 4s ios 8.1.1

  5. romeo says:

    salut j ai essayé plusieurs proxy mais au moment ou l’ecran doit afficher le telephone faire un petit redemarrage tres rapide et rien help my
    iphone 4s ios 7.1.2 iphone 4s ios 8.1.1

  6. Raymond says:

    Does this work for iphone 6?

  7. dennis says:

    your server is working. but this method only for some devices. not for all devices. i have 3 idevices on ios 8. none can be bypassed. anyway, appreciate your service.

  8. satch112 says:

    thank you for server, who says that it’s fake is a mad and just a hater.

    i just want to know if is there a solution for a stolen icloud locked device

  9. Tunisien says:

    Hello :))
    THANKS for this work 😉 and for a good Proxy , please contact me my email : picd125@gmail.com

  10. Gimmy says:

    bro i need the ip adress to connect it with itunes, cause my 5S on ios 8.1.2 dont get bypassed…

  11. dbraders says:

    Good Job Master, 50% Successfull,Just need another hole to full remove Old Icloud account.
    I Try in Iphone 5s, stuck in blackscreen but I have can open some app like Youtube,Wiki, Safari / other
    What’s next step ?
    I want to give some donation if you need and other job for waiting 😀
    Good Luck always

  12. magnum says:

    hi genius, firstly appreciate on your work, well done! just to ask why my i5c after press the bypass kabooooom it back to start over again? am I mistake any step?

  13. michal says:

    have you got working itunes bypass ip ??

  14. Paulo says:

    Grip on the ByPass and iphone4s restarts and back all over again for activation screen, is to fix this?

  15. Ifuck says:

    Server work but when i press Kaboom it restart and repeat the same step again of activating help please thnx

  16. Duc says:

    Why you dont make a full bypass . I want my 4s = ipod . I have my email but dont have pass icloud id or pass email . Its ck.nailsspa@yahoo.com . Can you help me ?

  17. moleR says:

    help plizzz ! can you show How to set configure ccproxy to connect your proxey server

  18. mike c says:

    well it does work for some phone not a 5s though I think that im screwed either way im about to smash this phone and find the person who sold it to me and do something that I cant say because it may be used against me if I get arrested

  19. pitbull says:

    Brother when server on ????

  20. GG says:

    i need instal xampp and set settings –
    SERVER: sv3.hackicloud.com
    PORT: 2015
    icloud bupassed??

  21. GG says:

    aah,that i know,but its not bupassed:[ its some demo- youtube,some items,google and thats all ,canot use caarier:[
    only i know how bupass itune:D

  22. miki says:

    I’ve done everything but dan dan it turns off and comes back the language

  23. Proffesor-G says:

    Iphone 4S firmwire to 8.1.2 Update icloud Bypassed

    Difficulty Level :-Pro (Common Sense Works always Use a lot of it.)
    Time :-WHole Fuckin NIght.
    Result:-100% Sucess

    it just works like Neva ever Seen…….
    this is how it work.

    Install arch Linux
    on your laptop/pc
    Follow this step by step
    after upgrading do not connect it with itunes.
    rest it works next next “”””””””””””””No activation”””””

  24. Fran says:

    after kaboooom, it restarts and nothing changes. Mi ipad still locked 🙁

  25. GG says:

    whats hapen with icloudin server ,and how long offline?

    • dennis says:

      i believe he got some threaten from other hackers. or they made an agreement to let let other hackers to make enough, and then he will release the tool. thats why so many hackers start charging icloud bypass with very high success rate. and this was never seem before.

      • losh says:

        Nah, he’s just BS’ing.
        No one knows of his project, no hackers are threatening him. He thinks that apple blacklisted his app with antivirus software, but apple hasn’t even done that to legitimate services which steal apps and stuff like 25pp.

  26. Stuart says:

    proffesor g

    This is realy easy to do with the jealbreak program PANGU.

    It restores and you can vink if on you wil keep te user data.

    But an unactivated Phone wil not be activated there is no user data

  27. Dan says:

    So i guess there no way to bypass the icloud on a 4s with 8.1.2? To make calls and whatever?

  28. Superb material, Appreciate it.|

  29. armando says:

    i did this on the iphone 5S and it just goes in circles it takes me back to the same begining?

  30. samurai says:

    Hi and welldone.I have a 4s on 8.1.2 but cannot bypass it.when i press on kabooooooom goes to language settings again.

    Any advice?

    the server working

  31. Fakhrul says:

    thanks a lot , but i want to remove icloud totally,, how it’s possible ?

  32. mohamed ali says:

    please i want activate my iphone 5S update and help tools

  33. cian castillo says:

    Hi, After I clicked “Activation Help”, what’s next? I don’t get it. Sorry I am a newbie in this. Thanks!

  34. Eagle says:

    please help me iPhone 5 with iOs 8.1.2.
    thanks in advance!!

  35. michael says:

    great for iphone 4. But please can you help me with my iphone 5s on ios 8.1.2?? please!!!???

  36. Pavel says:

    Iphone 5 not working . Your iphone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached . Why ???

    • themic says:

      just keep type fake email and password go back press help activating !!! and you will seea navigator but icloudstay ;;;;; 🙁 itry register on iclous don,t work

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