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Update 02/12/2015

Update 02/12/2015 proxy server bypass icloud


Proxy sv3.hackicloud.com port 2015 port 2015

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14 Comments on "Update 02/12/2015"

  1. almarzeta says:

    after the kabooom the phone resprings and then the activation starts all over again 🙁 iphone 5c help please

  2. moataz says:

    i new here … i have problem in i cloud paybass iphone 4s i found port 2015
    how can i use this information to solve my problem

  3. moataz says:

    help me pls how can i use the proxy and this information port 2015 to solve my problem *icloud paybass iphone 4s
    thanks for your help

  4. Fabio says:

    I’ve tried to put the proxy directly on my ipad 3,3 hello screen but no way it’s not working…
    If it’s not the right way, please explain again to every one so you can alleviate so many headache of everyone that come here in searching for help!
    Thank you

  5. aam says:

    Can’t to open homescreen….why…

  6. Jan says:

    when clicking the kaboom iphone came back on hello screen? doesn’t work?

  7. Ahmed says:

    Dont works

  8. mohamed kamil says:


  9. mohamed kamil says:

    go go

  10. Hernan says:

    Hello, it´s working? (i have an iphone 4s). Thanks for the answer!!

  11. dra says:

    it doesnt work , i think that guy mohamed kamil its a friend ….. i tryed it on 3 diff devices …. NONE WORK

  12. jota tres says:

    I need help ipad mini 4 ios 8.1.1

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