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Update server bypass icloud

Because server overload. i’l change port to 8888 .Pls update.

Update 26/11/2014

sv3.hackicloud.com port 8888 ONLINE

 sv2.hackicloud.com port 8888 ONLINE

sv1.hackicloud.com port 8888 ONLINE


6 Comments on "Update server bypass icloud"

  1. wong says:

    not work go home screen with ios 8.1 4s/5s. help me sent tool via email wongtani@gmail.com

  2. Man says:

    Great job man, but i only have a crappy ‎web browser, and some games, and it keeps asking for activation when you go on a link on google for example. Tested on iphone5 IOS 7.1.2. If Wifi is off, your solution doesn’t work. but thanks anyway ; )

  3. Man says:

    If you shared your files and technique, we could make a real bypass that works i think. But it’s up to you.

  4. Nori says:

    Hi, please can you help my to unlock iphone 4s from icloud with iphone is lost and erased.
    i have trying your ip and port but just come up apple logo and return in to the language position.
    please help me if you can

  5. sura says:

    my iphone 4s ios8.1 not work.

  6. Neno says:

    Hi, please can you help my to unlock iphone 5 from icloud, with iphone is
    currently linked to an Apple ID
    please help me if you can
    My mail:

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