Máy xây dựng toàn phát

VPS has shutdown.

This time is my holiday – TET – lunar new year in VIETNAM. So i drink many many of beer @@.

I foget to renew VPS, and VPS has shutdown.

THe proxy server bypass icloud will be back soon.


5 Comments on "VPS has shutdown."

  1. israfree says:

    Hi 🙂 Have a Happy New Year 🙂

  2. tushar says:

    Happy New Year ,bro

  3. ijal says:

    Hi boss.. happy chinese new year

  4. libic says:

    I like your work although I have not unlock my device, looking forward to the new VPS ^^

  5. tushar says:

    hi bro, i bay-pass iphone 5 ,8.1.3,active screen but face time app open and trey to apple id and passwod but mobile data on error face time activation ,coud not sign in .please chack your network connection and try again , bro any idea how to actived face time app”s

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